Hi, I’m Theresa. Welcome to Chewable Structures! I created this fun video series and blog so that I can eat my way through some of my favorite buildings and food art.

I was inspired to create Chewable Structures because of my adventures as a multimedia technology journalist and as a former civil engineer.

I used to design steel structures. Now, I design and build edible art using fruit, popcorn, cake, and pretty much anything that’s tasty. After all, why cook when you can build your food! 

Watch my video trailer below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Every recipe includes a fun video tutorial, because I LOVE producing videos. Since I love multitasking, I film, edit, script, and star in every video.

As a journalist, my tech videos and articles have been featured in USA TODAY, Architectural Digest, Scientific American and IEEE Spectrum. You can check out my tech stories here.         

Warning! If I meet you in person and you have fresh blueberries lying around, I WILL snatch them and build a blueberry Eiffel Tower. I’m also known for building a stackable gummy brick pyramid, a watermelon Golden Gate Bridge, and a caramel popcorn house.

To watch my edible art in action, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel below so every week; we can eat our way through structures together!

 If you have a specific food art idea that you want me to build, leave a comment below!

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