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Gummy Recipe: Build a Coconut, Cherry & Berry Blue American Flag Made of Gummy Bricks

Edible american flag made of stackable LEGO JELLO.

To celebrate Fourth of July, I developed this fun gummy recipe to build a chewy American flag. You only need JELL-O, Knox gelatine, honey, water, coconut milk and vegetable oil to make this gummy recipe. Plus, this gummy recipe has no corn syrup. I replaced it with honey! Also, I’m using one of my favorite gummy molds because it makes stackable gummy bricks. So, if you’re hosting an Independence Day party, now your guests can play with their food!

WATCH THE STEP-BY-STEP RECIPE VIDEO ABOVE. Keep in mind that if you make the full-sized version of the American Flag (as seen in the video), you’ll need to follow the full recipe below.

Lets Talk About The Candy Mold

I’m using the Candy Block Mold by The Modern Gummy. I like this specific mold because the divots on the lid make indents on the bottom of the gummy bricks. This means you can stack the gummies and make a gummy tower.

A gummy mold filled with coconut gummy candy

The Modern Gummy Mold is one of my favorite gummy molds because it makes stackable bricks.

Tips For Making This Gummy Recipe

Tip 1: Spray vegetable oil on the gummy mold before adding the gummy mixture

Tip 2: Stir the coconut milk in the can to ensure even distribution of milk.

Tip 3: Do NOT add water to thin out the coconut gummy recipe. If you add water, the coconut milk and water will separate when it sets. This results in an unevenly colored coconut gummy.

Tip 4: The coconut gummy absorbs the red and blue food coloring from the cherry and berry blue JELL-O, so it’s best to store the gummies in separate containers until you’re ready to assemble.

Tip 5: You only have a few minutes to get the liquid mixture into the candy mold before it firms up. If the mixture hardens, just add it back to a pot and melt it on low heat.

Tip 6: When you put the lid on the mold, make sure “The Modern Gummy” mold on the base and lid line up first.

Tip 7: Press down on the mold to squeeze out excess liquid. This will help form

Tip 8: If there’s extra candy along the edges of the bricks, use a sharp knife to cut it off.

coconut gummy candy made of JELL-O stacked on top of a base of berry blue gummy candy

It’s so much fun to play with this gummy recipe. The bricks are stackable!

Tools To Make This Gummy Recipe

Lets Talk About Recipe Proportions

  • This coconut gummy recipe fills up 4 candy molds
  • This cherry gummy recipe fills up 4 candy molds
  • This berry blue gummy recipe fills up 2 candy molds

How To Make This Recipe Faster

Since the gummies need to set in the fridge for two hours, I’m using two of The Modern Gummy candy molds to speed things up. I know this seems like a lot of time, but it only takes 20 minutes to prepare the liquid gummy mixture and fill two molds. So, when the candy mold is chilling in the fridge, I’m able to work on other things.

LEGO JELLO gummies stacked up on top of each other

Check out this yummy coconut gummy. Plus, the berry blue and cherry flavors.

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Gummy Recipe: Coconut, Cherry & Berry Blue American Flag

To celebrate Fourth of July I built an American flag made of gummy Lego JELL-O candy. This is a fun and easy dessert recipe. If you’re throwing an Independence Day party your guests can snack on a chewy treat and have fun by stacking the blocks. Plus, this gummy has no corn syrup. Instead, I’m using honey and the white gummy is made of coconut milk, so this is a relatively healthy gummy recipe. Tthe red and blue gummies are made of cherry and berry blue JELL-O. These DIY stackable JELL-O gummy Lego blocks are perfect for sharing with your guests and it’s a kid friendly recipe.
Prep Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours
Servings 12
Author Chewable Structures


Coconut Gummy:

  • 8 packages Knox gelatine
  • 4 tbsp Honey
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • vegetable oil

Cherry Gummy:

  • 12 oz cherry JELL-O mix
  • 8 packages Knox gelatine
  • 10 tbsp honey
  • 2 cup water
  • vegetable oil

Berry Blue Gummy:

  • 6 oz berry blue JELL-O mix
  • 4 packages Knox gelatine
  • 5 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup water
  • vegetable oil


  1. Watch the video instructions here:
  2. Spray vegetable oil on the lid and base of each mold. I’m using 2 building block candy molds by The Modern Gummy. For links, see notes below.
  3. For the coconut gummy: In a small pot, whisk together coconut milk and gelatin until lumps are gone. Heat pot on low heat. Add honey and slowly whisk until mixture is a smooth and creamy consistency. Pour into a small bowl. Remove the top foam by using a spoon to skim the surface.

  4. Place both molds on a cookie tray. Use eyedropper to fill each brick to the top surface. Or, use plastic squeeze dispensing bottles (see link in notes).
  5. If there are little bubbles on top, use a chopstick or toothpick to pop the bubbles.
  6. Line up “The Modern Gummy” logo on the base and lid. Put the lid on top. To squeeze out excess liquid, press down on the top lid moving from left to right. Wipe away excess liquid on the sides. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove from fridge and pop out the gummies.
    The Modern Gummy Mold filled with coconut gummies
  7. Use a sharp knife to cut the edges if there’s extra gummy attached to the sides.
    hand holding a berry blue LEGO gummy. Behind there is The Modern Gummy candy mold
  8. For the cherry and berry blue gummies, follow the same procedure as the coconut gummy (except use the cherry and berry blue gummy ingredients, respectively).
  9. Store the white, red, and blue gummies in separate containers until ready to assemble.
  10. Put parchment paper on a cutting board. Arrange the red, white and blue gummies so it looks like the American Flag. (watch video instructions).
    coconut LEGO JELLO gummies stacked on top of a base of berry blue gummies
  11. Cover the flag with plastic wrap and store in fridge until ready to serve.
    Edible american flag made of stackable LEGO JELLO.

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes

For the full list of tools I'm using:

  • The Modern Gummy: New Stacking 50 Cavity Building Block Candy Mold
  • Plastic Squeeze Bottles
  • Misto Oil Sprayer


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